Arbitrator Disclosures

When evaluating whether to make a disclosure for a case in which Ms. Eljuri is considered, she will be guided by the principles contained in the International Bar Association Guidelines for Conflicts of Interest in Commercial Arbitration – 2014 (the “Guidelines”).

Interested parties are advised not to rely on the information contained in this website as a complete or updated source of disclosure information about Ms. Eljuri. Furthermore, Ms. Eljuri does not have any access to the databases of the law firm where she practiced until her departure in 2015, and she may have been involved while at that firm in matters other than the principal ones identified in this website. Likewise, because Ms. Eljuri began to accept appointments as arbitrator starting in 2020, after four years as an executive in an oil company, Ms. Eljuri considers that her work at the prior law firm should generally not raise concerns about her impartiality and independence because all such counsel work falls outside the time limits listed in the IBA Guidelines.

Ms. Eljuri is a member of numerous industry and professional associations and attends and/or speaks at many conferences and events; she does not maintain records of fellow members, speakers or participants, nor does she monitor her contact lists on LinkedIn (where she has around 7000 connections), Facebook and similar sites. Tangential connections in such contexts should not be considered to be relationships that might affect impartiality or independence in the eyes of a reasonable third party as required by the Guidelines.